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At Studio clockwork we follow a simple process of 3 steps- Analyse, Create, Develop. During Analysis we get a good understanding of our end users, target market and competitors. Which helps us in understanding what to achieve at the end before beginning. Based on that analysis we start to ideate and brainstorm small ideas which eventually are converted to complete concepts. In the development phase we take the concepts and bring them to life in the world of 3D. We finally use digital tools to perfect the concepts and make it ready for the market.


We provide end to end services for industrial design. Our young & talented team posses the skills and tools that can help any idea come to life.

Concept Modelling

Class-A Surfacing


Turntable Animation


Functional Prototyping

Precision FDM 3D printing

Scaled Model

High Quality Finishing




Automotive Exterior/Interior

Two Wheeler

Commercial Vehicles

Concept Vehicles

Consumer Electronics

FMCG Products

Industrial Products

Medical Devices

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