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Miheer Barai

Miheer has done his design studies from DSK ISD Pune. Specialising in class A modelling . He did internships in Estech, Paris and Faurecia, Germany. He then founded Studio Clockwork and has worked on various Industrial projects since the inception. 

Founder / Director

Miheer BARAI


At Studio Clockwork, energy and passion drives us to push the envelope to create cutting edge designs for our a clients across several industries. It’s our young team’s persistent attempt to create innovative design solutions that work for our clients and helps them succeed.


We aim to be a force to reckon with on the global platform and showcase work that acts as a true catalyst in the success of our clients and us.



Senior Designer

Dhawal has done his Masters from SPD, Milan, Italy. He has completed his Master Thesis with Lamborghini Italy. He has got an experience of 3 years in automotive industry. Currently he has been with us since 2021 and has majorly contributed in internal design projects.



Transportation Designer

Ritesh is an Undergraduate in Transportation Design from DYPDC, Pune. He has also studied in South Korea as a exchange student. He joined us at Studioclockwork in December 2020 as an intern, Since then he has been part of conceptual designing.


Deepesh BABANI

Digital Designer

Deepesh is an undergraduate in Transportation Design from IED, Italy. he joined us at Studioclockwork in September 2021 and has been working on Class-A Surfacing. 


Swapnil BHAT

Digital Designer

Swapnil is an undergrad in Transportation Design from Unitedworld Institute of design. He has Been worked with a Design Studio as a CAS modeller for past year. he joined us at Studioclockwork in June 2022 and has been working on Class-A Surfacing and conceptual designing.  

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